Active Schools

“Active Schools is an initiative to encourage physical activity and sport for all young people in Renfrewshire. It is designed to increase the number of quality opportunities available for school pupils to participate in recreational, competitive, community sport and physical activity. A team have been appointed with responsibility to put in place and drive forward a range of planned activities in both school and community settings. The objectives of Active Schools are:


  • to increase physical activity levels among school-aged children in general with a focus on girls, women, young people from ethnic minority backgrounds, young people with physical and learning disabilities and young people in areas of socio-economic disadvantage.
  • to improve the motivation and attitude of children and young people and to help increase their achievement potential within school and community life.
  • to increase levels of sports participation in both formal and informal community settings.
  • to increase the numbers of young people acting as sports leaders, coaches and volunteers in community settings.”


Sport Events

Also throughout the year the Active Schools Team hosts events that allow the pupils from Renfrewshire schools the chance to compete locally and regionally against pupils from other schools. These events are:

  • Cross Country
  • Road Race
  • Primary Track and Field
  • Primary Games
  • Special Games ASN
  • Inter Authority Games
  • Girls / Boys Football League
  • Primary Netball League
  • Primary Archery Championships

Club Sport

Community Sport Hubs focus on the sports clubs and other local organisations that want to work together to improve the sports offered in their local community. A community sport hub is focused in the clubs around a local community. The Community Sport Hub is essentially a collective of progressive sport clubs working together. For more info on club sport please visit the link below.


The Active Schools Team relies on volunteers to help support the opportunity for young people at the school to access and participate in sport and physical activity through school clubs. If you would like to volunteer at a club with the Active Schools Team, then please contact your Active Schools Coordinator directly at 


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Active Schools