Staff List

Mrs Susan Bell

Head Teacher

Ms Zoe Davies

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Sharon Grant

Depute Head Teacher

Mr Graham Duffy

Principal Teacher P1- P7

Mrs Vhari Duncan

Principal Teacher P1- P7


Mrs Vanessa Banks – Class Teacher
Mr Joe Barrett – Class Teacher
Mrs Michelle Calvert – Class Teacher
Mrs Hazel Craig – Class Teacher
Mrs Joanne Devine – Class Teacher
Miss Virginia Doolan – Class Teacher
Mrs Moira Dunlop – Class Teacher
Mrs Catherine Fox – Class Teacher
Mrs Fidan Harkness – Class Teacher
Mrs Sharon Lawrie – Class Teacher
Mrs Heather Love – Class Teacher
Mr Bruno Lowitt – Class Teacher
Ms Vicki McCann – Class Teacher
Miss Marion McLintock – Class Teacher
Mrs Sarah McKie – Class Teacher
Mrs Gillian McMahon – Class Teacher
Mrs Caroline Mead – Class Teacher
Miss Amy Mobbs – Class Teacher
Miss Heather Morton – Class Teacher
Mr David Nish – Class Teacher
Miss Ania Pieczara – Class Teacher
Mrs Sandie Patterson – Class Teacher
Mrs Gail Simpson – Class Teacher
Mrs Jill Stevenson – Class Teacher

Other Staff in the school

Mr Kevin McPhee – Business Support Officer
Mrs Hannah Caddell – Senior Clerical Officer
Mrs Sheila Macdonald – Clerical Officer
Miss Sorelle Cole – Clerical Officer
Mrs Vicki Dougall – Senior Clerical Officer (ELCC)
Mrs Shameem Afzal – Classroom Assistant
Mrs Adele McFarlane – Classroom Assistant
Mrs Anne Matthews – Classroom Assistant
Mrs Janine Maxwell – Additional Support Needs Assistant
Ms Rosie Foley – Additional Support Needs Assistant/Classroom Assistant
Mrs Debbie Leonard – Additional Support Needs Assistant
Mrs Janice McDade – Catering Supervisor
Mr Steven Wilson – Janitor

Visiting Staff

Miss Catriona May – Educational Psychologist
Rev. Kenneth Gray – School Chaplain
Rev. Hanneke Marshall – School Chaplain
Ms Suzanne Greenlees – Strings Instructor
Mr Scott Graham – Active Schools Coordinator

Staff from Gryffe High School also teach P7 during the year as part of our liaison/ transition procedures.

Our Staff