In October we started doing Talk Partners. Talk partners are where you sit next to someone for a whole week. How we choose is there is a wheel that gets spun to randomly choose who sits with who. P5 go with P5, P4 go with P4. There is one mixed table where one P4 goes with one P5.  This changes every week.

For Victorian art we did William Morris wallpaper.  We learned that wallpaper is a repeated pattern.

Also, we drew a pattern on paper and repeated it several times. Camilla made a rainbow pattern, Maisie made a flower pattern, Charlotte R made a flower pattern and Finn R made one red dark blue and light blue.

Stained glass was one of the most fun Victorian art we did. We created pictures of animals and lots more. We include it together with tissue paper and now they shine through the light.  Charlotte C made a butterfly, Camilla made a flower, Finn R made a fish and Dylan K made a bunny.

Thank you for reading the p5/4 blog.

By Camilla and Finn R