Nursery First Aid Care

First Aid

First aid equipment is available and minor cuts and bruises can usually be treated in the nursery. If it is necessary for a child to be taken to hospital for a more serious injury, parents will be informed. All accidents are recorded, outlining what happened and the steps taken by staff. The adult collecting the child will be fully informed by the staff about any incidents.

Both Depute Heads are trained in paediatric First Aid.


Please advise us of any particular medical requirements. In all cases parents are responsible for administering medicine unless a separate agreement is reached between the parent and management team.

We will only administer medicine if it prescribed by a doctor and a medicine form is filled in by the parent and is held by Bridge of Weir Early Learning and Childcare Class.

Forms are available from the office and specific requirements must be discussed with management.

If your child is unwell at nursery we will phone the first emergency phone number (usually the home) on our list and if no one is available we will phone work numbers where appropriate.


These standards have been developed by a national working group involved in the implementation of the key oral health initiatives announced in the Scottish Government document ‘Modernising NHS Dental Services Improving Children’s Oral Health’.

Daily toothbrushing with a suitable fluoride toothpaste is an effective means of helping to prevent decay and supervised toothbrushing programmes in nursery and school settings lie at the heart of the Scottish Government’s oral health initiatives for younger children.

All our staff have been fully trained in the toothbrushing programme.

First Aid Care