Welcome to Bridge of Weir Early Learning and Childcare Class.

Telephone  – 0300 300 0195

Our journey began in October 2006 and although we have witnessed many changes throughout the years our priority has always stayed the same; your children at the centre. We place great emphasis and value on the importance of play and strongly believe that it is the highest form of learning for our children in their earliest years.
“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” (Fred Rogers)

We have created an enabling environment that offers rich learning opportunities and experiences across Curriculum for Excellence. Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing are at our core and we support all children in their individual learning journeys through holistic planning and tracking. Staff use skilled intervention to facilitate and scaffold children’s learning and challenge and support where appropriate.

Bridge of Weir Early Learning and Childcare Class is part of Bridge of Weir Primary School. Like the rest of the school, we consider ourselves to be part of the community. We welcome visitors such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, dental health staff and staff from other nurseries into the Nursery and we take trips out to the local area, such as the local library. We also place enormous value on the importance of family learning and promote an ethos of parental engagement and involvement.
‘Family learning is a powerful method of engagement and learning which can foster positive attitudes towards life-long learning, promote socio-economic resilience and challenge educational disadvantage’. (Scottish Family Learning Network)

We have capacity for 48 3-5 year olds at any one time and offer a selection of placement models of 1140 hours per year.

Placement model options-

5 x days 8.45am – 2.45pm Term time

2 and a half days over 48 weeks

3 x days 8.15am – 4pm over 48 weeks

Children are eligible for entry to the nursery the term after their 3rd birthday.*

In addition to our 3-5 year old children we have 10, 2 year old vacancies for children who meet the government criteria. You can apply online for nursery places through the Renfrewshire Council website. They should be returned to the school on completion with original birth certificate, proof of address and stamped eligibility form. This can be in the form of a recent utility bill or council tax bill.

*An updated early learning and childcare entitlement start date for three year olds comes into effect from August 2024.

This change brings Renfrewshire in line with national guidance from Scottish Government and other neighbouring councils and with the entitlement start dates for eligible two-year-olds. It was approved at the Education and Children’s Services Policy Board in March.

Updated information on when children start their entitlement has been published on the Council’s website and a communication to parents and carers is available online.

Children will start from the beginning of term depending on the month they turn three.

If the child’s third birthday is in They can start in
March, April, May, June, July or August 2024 August 2024
September, October, November or December 2024 January 2025
January or February 2025 April 2025

Children who meet priority 1 or 2 of the Council’s early learning and childcare admission policy may start at an earlier date as agreed by the admission panel.

There is no change to the entitlement start date for eligible two year olds.

Our Environment

There are 5 zones within our environment, each with a different focus on play, that children can free-flow across during their day at nursery. Scroll down to read about each zone and check out our video for a virtual tour.

October 2023


The Livingroom

The Livingroom is a place to be social and celebrate family. A place where you can be calm and relax on the love seat or cosy nook, chatting with friends and sharing stories together. You can enjoy games, learning to share and taking turns, whilst having fun and learning the rules of the games. You can develop your sewing skills in the sewing area and maybe design and make your own creations. You could even dress up in some fabrics or costumes and then do the dishes in the kitchen. You can express yourself through some small world, play pretending your own scenarios and situations. Filled with imagination and wonder, you will absolutely feel at home in The Livingroom.

The Workshop

The Workshop is where science, technology and engineering happen. A place where curiosity, investigation and discovery take precedence.  You can explore in the sand, mining for treasure or digging for fossils, sharing your discoveries with your fellow explorers. You may want to experiment with potion making, mixing and analysing ingredients to invent new liquids and mixtures. You can plan, design and create structures, models and landscapes using blocks and real tools. This zone offers endless possibilities in STEAM with no limits to what could happen next.

The Studio

The Studio is where the creativity happens. A place to explore your imagination through art and music, allowing your artistry to come to life through your creations, drawings and paintings. Become inspired by cultural music, exploring the world through instruments and song. You have the freedom to investigate a large variety of materials, using them to bring your ideas to life like a true artisan or composer. In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist”.

The Kitchen and Backdoor

The Kitchen and Backdoor is a place to discover your sense through taste, smell and touch. This is a place to research delicious recipes, following the processes to reach a scrummy end result to enjoy with your friends at snack time. Discover the joy of planting and growing your own produce like smashing spuds and crazy carrots and then turning them into tasty and filling feasts for all to enjoy. After all, nothing brings people together like good food.

The Rainbow Garden

The Rainbow Garden is our fabulous outdoor area that the staff and children have been working hard to develop. The garden offers all aspects of curricular learning with a huge emphasis on learning through nature. The playroom door is open all day for children to free flow between indoors and out. Children are encouraged to be independent in dressing themselves in puddle suits and wellies when going outside. We have an obstacle course, an outdoor kitchen, a water wall, a music wall, dens, a mud pit and much more to investigate, design, plan and create amazing structures and features. The bug hotel and pond are always a favourite and watching the frogs is great fun.

What to Wear

Children are encouraged to be equipped for all weathers as children access both indoors and outdoors freely. We provide puddle suits for all children to access outdoors independently in wet weathers. We ask that children wear clothes which are appropriate for a wide range of activities each day, e.g. painting, sand, water, outdoor play. Although we encourage the use of aprons, sometimes there are times when accidents with paint or water may occur and so a spare set of clothes should be left at nursery to cover all eventualities. We also have a selection of nursery uniforms that can be purchased from School Wear Made Easy. All items of clothing which may be removed should be clearly marked with the child’s name.

Food and Snacks

We follow a 2 week snack menu which was created in conjunction with ‘Setting the Table’ and ‘Food Matters’. Each day we provide a healthy snack that includes fruit/veg and a carbohydrate, all of which children are encouraged to prepare and serve with staff support. We also use this is an opportunity to offer children the chance to taste foods from other countries and cultures. We offer milk and water every day which children can access freely.

Please do not give your child sweets or drinks to bring to nursery. It is vital that parents inform nursery staff if any child has food allergies or has any foods they do not wish their child to try. An allergen list can be found in the snack area or in the nursery foyer. We are a nut free nursery.

Nursery Day


Morning drop off time – 8.15am (48 weeks) and 8.45am (Term Time)

Lunch time – 1st lunch sitting 12pm

Home time – 1pm

Out with the above times children have free play.

Free Play – A balance of child led/child initiated experiences, adult led/adult initiated experiences and play partnering to ensure both interest and need are being met. This is also free flowing indoors and outdoors.


Lunch time – 2nd lunch sitting 1pm

Home time for Term Time children – 2.45pm

Home time for PM and Full Day children – 4pm and 5.45pm

Out with the above times children have free play.

Free Play – A balance of child led/child initiated experiences, adult led/adult initiated experiences and play partnering to ensure both interest and need are being met. This is also free flowing indoors and outdoors.