Every Thursday, Mr Lowit teaches us STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths). Our project this term is to build our own cars, with moving wheels. For this we need to make sure we have axles. An axle is a bar that goes through the wheels, keeping them in place and allowing them to turn. We had to make sure that both axles were the same length, and that’s when our sawing skills were needed.

This year, we are becoming more imaginative, creative and effective writers through ‘Talk for Writing’. This month we are using the story of the Three Little Pigs as our hook and focusing on characterisation. First, we used imitation tolearn the pattern of the story to create our story map. This means we can ‘talk like the text’. Next, we used innovation, to change our original story map, by changing the characters, but still keeping to the same plot. We changed ours to Christmas themed characters. Eventually we have moved on to the independent stage, where we are writing our very own stories. We are going to create our own books to present the stories.