Victorian cookies

We made delicious cookies with currants, eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla and they were great and looked as good as they tasted. We gave our P7 monitors some cookies too.

They were a success and everyone loved them!

Bath bombs

We also made snowflake bath bombs.  They were white and in a bag with a ribbon and a sticker. They are very good.

We popped them out their moulds and wrote down the recipe on the chrome books.

Victorian teacher 

The P5s had a terrifying Victorian teacher visit us. If you didn’t call him sir he would shout and if you drank water he would demand you to place it on the floor.

My friend was swinging her legs and got in huge trouble and someone else was taking a minute to figure out a sum and he shouted at her.

Our lives are very different than they were in the Victorian era now with nicer teachers, better homes, and people who care so we should appreciate the love and care we get in school and out of school.

For example, if you get something wrong now its ok but back then you would get in trouble or the dunce’s hat and that was very embarrassing.

Music Teacher

During October and November, we also had a music teacher from Fèis Phàislig visit us every Thursday morning to teach us traditional Gaelic songs.  Katherine taught us to sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in Gaelic and we really enjoyed learning the song ‘Stornaway’.

By Maisie and Jamie