Talking and Listening

We were so excited to see each other when we came back from our holidays! We each wrote a big news update and then we went around and shared with each other what we had gotten up to. We really missed being together.

New Topic – Animals Around the World

This term we have started our brand-new topic of Animals Around the World! At the start of January, we learnt about mapping. We looked at a map of the world and learnt about all of the continents and where they are. Then we looked at a map of Scotland and found and labelled as many towns and cities as we could (there was a lot!). Finally, we looked at a map of our local area and even of our school!


We then went on to look at our first continent, Antarctica. We learnt about all the different animals that live there. We then looked in more detail at whales, penguins and polar bears. We even created some of our own Antarctic animals!