Primary 4b have been learning about data handling in maths. To begin, we thoroughly explored features of a bar graph and then discussed the importance of taking a survey to gather and organise the data using neat tables. Then, to display this information, we created our own bar graphs. 

We were excited to learn how to create bar graphs on the Chromebooks using Google Sheets. We used the same information from the previous survey to create our digital bar graphs and learnt that there were so many cool options to make the bar graphs more effective.

We also looked at chance and uncertainty, and probability in maths. In groups, we engaged had rich discussions about different scenarios at Blether stations around the classroom

We regularly engage with reading comprehension and decided that we wanted to know more about Robert Burns. The class was split up into groups and each group consisted of a reader, writer, reporter, and a timekeeper. Everyone had a responsibility. We learnt lots of things about Robert Burns that we previously didn’t know about!

Our new topic of Animals Around the World/Mapping granted us the chance to look at the world map in more detail. We looked at the map of Scotland on Google Maps, then began to zoom in and explore the map of Bridge of Weir. We found lots of local places and labelled them on the map. After that, we even located and labelled parts of the school. Then, we started looking at the continents around the world and in groups, we started labelling the countries on each continent.

In P.E, a fabulous dance teacher taught us how to dance to music from the Lion King and Toy Story. We never knew that dancing could be this much fun. It really brought the stories alive.