We returned to school from the Christmas holidays, in January. We did Clyde in the classroom as our topic. During Clyde in the classroom we went to the Science Centre and we learnt all about how to keep our fish healthy. A couple of days after the science centre a guy called Toby came and put our tank in the classroom and we also learnt a bit more on how to keep our fish healthy. 

Our other topic was the Arctic and during the Arctic . We looked up our favourite Arctic animal and we sketched it, but we also watched a video to help us sketch. We also learnt about continents and what the largest continents were.

Nearer the end of January we had dance classes with Shona and we did the Snowman and jungle theme. It was really fun because we got to act out flying like the Snowman going to the North Pole and in the jungle theme we learnt a song about a gorilla picking his nose and flicking it.

At the end of January we got new books and they are all really good. We also sorted them into sections in the library.