Friday Disco!

What started as an interest in music has turned into a weekly event. Friday Disco!

Over the last few weeks the children have been exploring musical instruments in The Studio. In particular, they’ve been learning how to use a key board, playing their own tunes and analysing sheet music. Now, there is no doubt we have some budding musicians in our midst, but there are also a few party planners in the making too.

The children have enjoyed making their own music and moving their bodies freely to it so much that they decided to plan their own disco. They designed and created their own invitations, writing their names and friends names, then passing them out to us all and making all feel so welcome and included. We were all very excited and after a very successful first disco, they decided they would make it a weekly thing. We now all look forward to Friday Disco where children play their own music or choose music whilst we all dance under the colourful lights of the disco ball.

(Psssttt! Sometimes we do Friday Disco on other days too so no one misses out)