By Annaliese and Charlotte

At the start of February our class started doing tennis in PE and we did it with Rachel from Strathgryffe Tennis club. We had so much fun and some of us decided to join! 

After tennis Toby started coming in to check on the fish eggs, and we learnt about the life cycle of a trout. It starts as an egg, then an Alvin, after that it is a Fry, then a small but cute adult.

Then the eggs hatched! We were so excited but sadly some of them died but then they grew so much they were about two centimetres long!

In the middle of February we started Technology with Mr Lowitt we built a pillar and a bridge which most of us completed and kept it strong and sturdy.

We made a Clyde in the classroom life cycle of a Trout display.  We built a river and we made trout pictures and put them in the lake and wrote their barriers to migration and what they need.

Thank you for Reading the P5/4 February blog