Victorian Transport

December was our final month learning about the Victorians. We were interested to know how history has an impact on our lives today. We learnt about how they started many Christmas traditions that we still have today, like the Christmas Tree! We also learnt about Victorian inventions. We worked in groups to research a Victorian invention and create a presentation. We then taught our classmates about the invention. We were great teachers!

Christmas Activities  

We had a very busy month in December with lots of Christmas filled activities. We rehearsed for our Christmas Concert. We hope you liked it! Then we had a delicious Christmas lunch. We took advantage of the lovely Winter weather and did lots of Outdoor Learning. We had a competition to see what we could build out of the snow. We created lots of snowmen, snow seats and even a home for a squirrel! P4A love being outside! We even got to enjoy the Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime, and we laughed a lot! Finally, we had the best Christmas party. We definitely deserved our holidays after all of that! 😊