Renaissance Reading


Pupils in P4-7 at Bridge of Weir Primary take part in the Renaissance Reading programme.

What happens?

Each pupil sits a multiple-choice test (STAR Reading) on the computer. The questions become harder if answers are correct. When a mistake is made then the computer makes the questions easier.
Finally, a reading level is found.

Helped by the class teacher, pupils choose a book from their reading and interest level. These books are colour coded to help show the level of difficulty. Our new class libraries include books from a wide range of recognised authors and different styles of writing.

After finishing a book, pupils can take a quiz (Accelerated Reading) which asks questions to check understanding of the text.

Pupils can also read their own books from home and find out the level by checking on the Renaissance Reading website.

Please be aware that there are some books that may not have a quiz but by all means these books can still be read.


Pupils can read in school and at home, and quizzes can be done on the class computers or in the ICT suite. The most success is achieved by those who read at home as well as in school.


The class teacher provides reading time in class every or almost every day. This is called ERIC: Everyone Reading In Class. The ICT suite is open and supervised on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes from 12.15-12.30pm for catching up with quizzes.

What score should be achieved?

Each pupil should aim for a score of 85% or above. As an added
incentive the class teacher may record how many 100% scores are achieved and
throughout the year we run many challenges to encourage pupils to read as much as they can and in the Renaissance programme. All pupils can do well in these challenges.

What to tell your child to watch out for.

Don’t skip read through a book too quickly or you won’t be able to answer the questions.
Don’t leave a long gap between finishing a book and doing the quiz—you’ll forget!
Don’t read several books at once or you may get confused.

How can parents help?

Lots of things compete for your child’s attention. Please try to provide at least half an hour of reading every day. Just before going to sleep would be a good time and helps the body and mind to wind down from the activities of the day.

Model reading, and have everyone read their own books together. Paired reading (where a book is shared and the parent reads a bit, then the child reads a bit) and even listening to audiobooks are hugely beneficial.

Take an interest in the books and ask what is happening in the story.

Encourage reading at all times and congratulate all progress made.

Renaissance Home Connect enables you to check on how your child is
progressing with quizzes and provide maximum encouragement. Letters have been sent home with login details of this.


This programme has been used in our school for many years and has proved to be very successful in motivating our pupils to read by encouraging them to read books of their choice.

It is also an excellent way to check that children are reading at the correct level and are understanding what they read.

Staff use Renaissance Reading to monitor pupils’ progress and ensure they are always making gains in reading.

This comes through continual practice and practice really does make ‘perfect’!


Renaissance Reading