Beat the Street!

There is a new active travel game which will be played in Bridge of Weir, Elderslie, Houston, Howwood, Kilbarchan, Linwood, Johnstone and Lochwinnoch from 15 September to 27 October 2021.

‘Beat the Street’ is a fun, free walking, cycling and wheeling game which gets people of all ages out and about in their local area as part of a drive to support healthier and more active lifestyles. It is a whole community game not just for schools but also for parents and the wider community too.

‘Beat Boxes’ are set out on lamp posts around half a mile from each other, including one outside the school, and participants pick up points each the time they scan their card or fob at it- with prizes available for the top players and schools throughout the six weeks.

You child will be gifted a card which they will use to log their points on the Beat Boxes. This card is anonymously assigned to BOW Primary and so your child is ready to play! If your child wants to be in a chance to win individual prizes, they need to follow the instructions on the letter to register their name to their card.

Additional cards are available from Bridge of Weir Library. We would love if parents, carers, grans, grandpas, aunts or uncles also register a card to Bridge of Weir Primary so that when you are out and about with your child, you can log points for our school too!

Points mean prizes!! And there will be individual and school prizes available throughout the six weeks!

For updates on how our school is doing follow @bowprimary on Twitter!

For more information on how the game works, check out this video:

Key Information:

  • Children swipe card/fob at a Beat Box on a lamppost to win points.
  • Cards/fobs must be swiped on at least two boxes before they begin to win points.
  • Find the Beat Boxes on this map:
  • Extra cards are available at BOW Library.
  • All child and adult cards that are registered to Bridge of Weir Primary will collect points for our school, so please register adult cards to use while out on a walk with your child.
  • One email can be used to register various cards so children can register to parent’s email or use their Glow email.
  • Walks can be completed at any time during the six weeks – the boxes are ‘on’ all the time.